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The title of each episode is named after a Japanese classical pop song selected from within the iTunes collection of Kill la Kill head writer Kazuki Nakashimaan idea which he came up with as he wrote the script.

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Ryuko Matoi transfers into Honnouji Academy, a high school dominated by its fearsome ryuko council, who wear powerful Goku Uniforms that grant them superhuman abilities. Searching for clues to her father's murder, Ryuko confronts the student cute president, Satsuki Kiryuindemanding for the owner of the ryuko half of a giant red scissor blade she wields.

Ryuko is easily beaten by the boxing club captain, Takaharu Fukurodawho uses the power of his Two-Star Goku Uniform. Fleeing to her ruined home nearby, Ryuko is dropped down a trapdoor by her homeroom teacher, Aikuro Mikisugi. She lands in a basement and discovers a living sailor uniform that forcibly puts itself on her. The next day, Takaharu prepares to sentence Ryuko's friendly classmate Mako Mankanshoku to death for treason.

Ryuko arrives to rescue her and confronts Takaharu again, this time using her new uniform's powers to defeat him and destroy matoi Goku Uniform. Afterwards, Ryuko questions Satsuki again about the wielder of the other scissor blade, the one responsible for killing her father.

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Learn more - opens in a new window or tab. March 29, Episode 9: " A Once in a Lifetime Chance ". April 5, April 12, April 19, Episode " Spit Your Sadness Away ". April 26, Leaked selfies tumblr " Crazy ryuko You ". May 3, Episode " Ride Like the Wind ". May 10, Episode " Don't Stop Me Now ". May 17, May 31, Episode " Tell Me Why ".

June 7, Episode " Into the Night ".

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June 14, June 21, Episode " Far from the Madding Crowd ". June 28, Cuscosplay funny costumes Store. BanYang Store. Alen Store. Cute Unicorn Anime Store. Happy-Life Store. Cosme Candy evans porn gifs. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. Gender Unisex Girls Unisex. Sex Toy. One Size. Ryuko Product. Notably, it was used many times in episode 14, whenever Ryuko busted in on the Honnouji armies to retrieve Senketsu's pieces.

Light Is Not Good : Played completely straight in episode 20, since she's seen wearing Junketsu and displaying maniacal faces after turning heel. Limited Wardrobe : After the first ryuko, Senketsu is the only non-pajama clothing she owns. She promises Senketsu that her wardrobe will improve right matoi he burns up. Locked into Strangeness : The red streak in her hair is apparently a byproduct of her Life Fiber infusion. Locked Out of the Loop : Both her father, Isshin and teacher, Aikuro make it clear that she holds some kind of matoi to their plans but fail to give her any relevant matoi on to what that may be.

It's no wonder that when the truth does come out she's so angry that she's initially very unwilling to help them and even leaves them to face Ragyo alone. Satsuki claims to know the details surrounding Isshin's death but won't give Ryuko any hints as to what her involvement may be.

This leads Ryuko to believing that Satsuki is responsible for her father's assassination, especially after she claims to have personally sent Nui Harime to do the job.

All this was done to train Ryuko to be able to help fight Ragyo but the harsh treatment given to her by Satsuki leads to a rift between them and makes Ryuko have a lot of trouble trusting her, or even acknowledging the fact that they are sisters. Loony Friends Cute Your Personality : She mellows out significantly over the course of the series thanks to Mako's influence.

She begins the series as a girl determined to see her Roaring Rampage of Revenge ryuko but ends it a much more forgiving and selfless person, fighting for the sake of humanity and even forgiving Satsuki, seeing that she too has "batshit" people who care about her too. Luminescent Blush : Has this cute she dons Senketsu in the first few episodes until she learns to get over how revealing cute is.

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cute Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter : Initially subverted. Isshin Matoi was a perfectly sensible and sane scientist, cute his eccentric appearance. Then we find out what her mother was like Made of Iron : Even when not transformed, Ryuko can take a stupid amount of punishment and get right back up.

Episode 18 justifies this: turns out she's a human-Life Fiber hybrid, like Ragyo. This is taken to new heights in the penultimate episode. Ragyo partially bisects her, and she shrugs it off almost immediately. Magical Girl Warrior : In the context www mobileboner com this seriesRyuko counts.

She has the ability to transform into what is essentially a "pretty-clothed" superhero, is accompanied by a non-human adviserand fights bad guys using the powers granted to her by her transformation. Meaningful Name : One of the potential meanings of "Ryuko", is "abandoned child". See this for more detailsbut watch out for spoilers. Mind Rape : Is subjected to one in episode Before Ragyo implants Fake Memories of a happy life, and turns her heelRyuko pleads for her to stop.

Missing Mom : Her mother died when she was very young. Hot sexy lesbions 18 expands on this by explaining that Isshin actually lied to her, her mother is Ragyo Kiryuin who is very much alive.

Morality Pet : Later on, she becomes one to Satsukiwho finally found solace with reuniting with her sister. More Teeth than the Osmond Family : In her berserk state. And not just where her mouth should be Morph Weapon : She learns to make her weapon unfold into bigger forms. Fanservice : She dresses in a revealing matoi particularly when she goes into combat and is frequently put into situations where she has to expose herself.

Her first fight using Senkestu against Fukuroda sees her giving an eyeful matoi a crowd of onlookers and her tennis match against Omiko at one point has her pinned to the wall, upside down with her legs spread, not too mention the amount of Panty Shots she gets throughout the show! Unsurprisingly, she's not very happy about it. See Reluctant Fanservice Girl.

Multicolored Hair : She has black and red hair. The red stripe in her hair becomes significant when it cuts through Ragyo's Mind Stitching threads, freeing Ryuko from her control. When she transforms with Senketsu, the underside of her hair turns red too, and it turns blue matoi she's forced into Junketsu. New Transfer Student ryuko She joins Ryuko Academy in the first episode to get answers about her father's death. Like most transfers, she turns out to be a force to be reckoned with and cute very skilled at the show's fighting style, even being imbued with the resident phlebtonium.

Additionally, this trope shows her defiant character, as she never switches to wearing the Honnouji uniform, instead starting off with street clothes and then switching to Senketsu. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! It works, but it ryuko stiffens their quirky family dynamic.

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Somewhat zigzagged in her fight against Sanageyama. At first, it looks like ryuko straight example because Sanageyama gains cute of levels in badassmeaning that Ryuko unintentionally matoi Satsuki's army stronger. Ryuko, however, is only on their side because It's Personal between her and the villains, who are responsible for the death of her father.

Not Quite Dead : She was believed by the Kiryuin family to have been killed as an infant in an experiment that infused her with Life Fibers. Only her father knew she survived and faked both of their deaths to her mother. She and Matoi are fighting Ragyo, who uses her swords to chop Ryuko in half.

Both halves fall below the Primordial Life Fiber the trio was fighting on, only to reveal she had done this to trick Ragyo and attack the Primordial Life Fiber directly.

Odd Friendship : With Mako. Ryuko is the only person in the series that comes anywhere near what may be considered normal, while Mako is such a Cloudcuckoolander that even other people ryuko Honnouji find her strange. One-Man Army : Can take out entire schools on her own before getting Senketsu. Eventually, she takes on entire armies of one-star students again without Senketsuand later on takes out an entire army of COVERS in a single swing.

Again, without Senketsu. Now just pale pussy porn pics what she is with Senketsu. One-Winged Angel : Inverted, she's The Heroine ryuko assumes such a form to ryuko Ragyo in episode 24 when she powers up via absorbing the energy from everyone's Goku uniforms.

Only Sane Woman : The only character who notices the total absurdity of everything that ever happens in Honnoujiwhich is only natural, since she doesn't live there. In the beginning, when she is determined to get matoi revenge and uninterested in making friends, this isolates her from the hijinks-causing people around her. As the series goes on, she learns to appreciate the weirdness and grow as a person, eventually thanking the "batshit crazy" people who care about her she has around her.

By the end, the annoyance she felt to it all has been replaced with a matoi smile that appears whenever Mako does something wacky.

Overdrawn at the Blood Bank : Ryuko loses ludicrous amounts of blood throughout episode First, she overwhelms Senketsu and crudely fuses with himcausing her to start venting blood. After that, Tsumugu is forced to topple spiked pillars on her releasing enough blood to create a geyser! Then came episode 21, where she rips off Junketsu as if it were her own skin, resulting in an absurd shower of blood.

Pajama-Clad Hero : For the duration of episode 4, since she's forced to go to school at 4 in the morning while Senketsu's being washed. Parental Abandonment : Her mother died when she was little, and she lived in a boarding school away from her father right up until he was murdered.

It's still much better than what her biological parents did to her. Pen-Pushing President : In episode 7, the prospect of becoming this is what cute her to cute leadership of the newly formed Fight Club to Mako instead.

Platonic Life-Partners : She and Senketsu cute as inseparable as her and Makoand the fact that he isn't human doesn't diminish their friendship at all.

Although, it helps that Ryuko isn't fully human, either. Fittingly, it looks similar to Ragyo's usual hairstyle. The undertones turn blue when she wears Junketsu. It turns completely blonde after she absorbs all the Life Fibers in the Honnouji Academy.

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Power Limiter : Done unconsciously. During her first two fights using Senketsu, she only has access to a fraction of the power he could grant her due to her embarrassment over how revealing the outfit is.

Once she is able to embrace her own body, and thus stop being embarrassed over the outfit, she is able matoi access his full potential. The details are not explained but it seems like she ryuko another one on her natural power. When Ragyo put her under Mind Controlthat limiter too was taken off and she was actually capable of going toe to toe against a transformed Satsuki without even activating Senketsu. Power-Strain Blackout : Before learning how to cute him properly, she passes out whenever Senketsu drinks too much blood.


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Pragmatic Hero : Ryuko has no qualms about using sneak attacks, or attacking enemies before they are prepared. Pro-Human Transhuman : After her true nature comes to ryuko. Ryuko suffers from a brief I Am a Monster moment, but gets over it and decides that even if she's not fully human she'll fight on behalf of humanity. A Protagonist Is Ryu : A rare female example, though the "Ryu" in her name means "stream" rather than "dragon".

Other than that, she fits this perfectly with her feistiness and intense rivalry with Satsuki Kiryuin who, ironically, does have the character for "dragon" in her name. This fits, even more, considering that her rightful name is Ryuko Kiryuin. Uh Oh Fukuroda attempts to land a flurry of punches on Ryuko, who doesn't even bother to dodge them and despite her lack of armor covering shows no ill effect from the boxer's attempts, not even shredding the ragged cloak she was covering herself with.

After he turns his left glove into ryuko mess of spikes and launches his upgraded attack, he still can't even move diya mirza photoshoot and she promptly smacks him out of the ring in a matter of seconds.

Ryuko herself is on the receiving end of this when she fights Gamagoori, whose Shackle Regalia allows him to absorb her blows and lash back at her with powerful charged attacks. When she tries to get around this by just not attacking him, he begins hitting himself to give the same effect.

Fortunately for Ryuko, she's able to recover from his tactics and continue the fight. Purple Is Powerful : When she wears Junketsu, her hair turns blueish-purple instead of red. Rage Breaking Point ryuko When she finds out Nui is the one who killed her father, she goes into such a furious rage that she nearly dies matoi the over-exertion.

Red Is Heroic : Not only is it Senketsu's secondary color but thanks to her being Overdrawn at the Blood Bank she often ends up spurting the color, albeit in a squicky way. After Nui Harime shreds Senkestu she spends her time collecting his pieces while wearing a red jumpsuit. When she dons Senkestu Kisaragi she couples this with gold. While Satsuki is a calm and meticulous planner, Ryuko is impulsive and headstrong, running into situations with the intent to learn how to adapt on the fly.

Cute, her Kamui Senketsu has red highlights whereas Satsuki's has blue. Senketsu also serves as a Blue Oni to Ryuko. When the duo is fighting the Middle school pics porn Four one-by-one, she wants nothing more than to get it done as quickly as possible, even thinking of fighting them all at once.

In contrast, Senketsu warns her that she's going ryuko fast and needs to pace herself but she throws his warning to the side. Reluctant Fanservice Girl : She's mortified by Senketsu's skimpy armored form.

It later turns out this prevents her from unleashing his full potential, forcing him to drink more of her blood just to stay active, which in turn cute her in battle. Once she embraces her own body, she is able to share it with Senketsu more evenly. Retractable Weapon : She can make her Scissor Blade small enough to fit in her pocket, like regular scissors. Right Hand of Doom : Ryuko gains a grotesquely bloated left arm when she gives into her fury and overwhelms Senketsu in episode angela bassett nue Rivals Team Up : She and Satsuki finally fight together in episode Although this is somewhat of a subversion as the two had laid aside their differences and found a common goal, rather than a simple Enemy Mine situation, Ryuko continues to show a somewhat gruff attitude towards her, such as wanting to punch her in the face at full force and struggling to call her "sis".

Roaring Rampage hentai comic strips Revenge : She's on one to avenge the death of her father and shows it in the first episode by plowing through mary tyler moore porn of Honnouji Academy students, hoping to get any information she can. As soon as she finds out Satsuki is the one running the place, she immediately challenges her and even after getting annihilated by one of her subordinates, she returns as soon as she gets Senketsu to continue her fight.

Also, once she does return, she takes the first chance she gets to call out Satsuki for information, only leaving when Senketsu drinking her blood means she's about to pass out. When she first meets Nui Harime and discovers she was the one to kill her father, she lets loose in an out-and-out blood frenzy, becoming so enraged that she literally transforms into a hulking Humanoid Abomination. Her anger is so great that she becomes unable to recognize friend from foe and it even takes Mako a good while to snap her out of it.

Even though cute returns to normal it shows how close to her heart her vengeance for her father is to the point it can drive her to madness if she's not careful. Romantic Two-Girl Friendship : She and Mako share a very close relationship with many ambiguous romantic gestures. This is seen when Mako feeds her croquet, takes every chance she can to try and jump into hugging Ryuko and nosebleeding during her more The ambiguity really gets stretched thin when Mako asks her out in the finale.

Ryuko is very hot-tempered, swears a lot and is quick to get into fights with people. Mako, on the other hand, is her silly friend who likes everyone. An example of their dynamic can be seen when Mikisugi approaches them before Ryuko goes to fight the Elite Four and Mako is eccentrically welcoming to him while Ryuko matoi snarky and distant.

In terms of development, this show follows the idealistic path of this trope, where being around Mako teaches Ryuko to trust and forgive people. Sanity Slippage : After episode 18it seems her sanity deteriorates with every episode. It all culminates in her being brainwashed into an Ax-Crazy sociopath in episode Screaming Warrior : It's hard to find a fight scene where she doesn't scream every time she winds up cute attack.

Second Hour Superpower : She taps into Senketsu's full power as early as episode 3 once she learns to accept his skimpiness. She only keeps getting more and more powerful from there. Matoi Year Protagonist : She's in her second year of high school. Secret Legacy matoi Twice over.


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cute ryuko matoi blushing gif Kill la Kill is a anime television series created and produced by Trigger. The series, directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by Kazuki Nakashimafollows Ryuko Matoi, a girl seeking out the wielder of a scissor blade who murdered her father. Her search takes her to Honnouji Academy, where the student council, led by Satsuki Kiryuin, use powerful uniforms known as Goku Uniforms to rule the school and its city matoi fear. Teaming up with a living uniform named Senketsu, Ryuko fights against Satsuki and the student council in order to find the answers she seeks. The series was released on nine Blu-ray Disc and DVD volumes between January 8, and September 3, cute, with an original video animation episode included on the final volume. The series uses four pieces of theme music : two opening themes and two ending themes. The title of each episode is named after a Japanese classical pop song selected from within the iTunes collection of Kill la Kill head writer Kazuki Nakashimaan idea which he ryuko up with as he wrote the script.
cute ryuko matoi headscissor femdom Our main heroine, a wandering transfer student who comes to Honnouji Academy in search of the truth behind her father's murder. Her investigation sends her on a collision course with the academy's Student Council PresidentSatsuki Kiryuin, whom she thinks has the answers she seeks. Her only clue is also her Weapon of Choicea giant red Scissor Blade left behind by the killer. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.
cute ryuko matoi sally nude pics The anime series Kill la Killproduced by Triggerfeatures a cast of characters with a variety of designs and abilities. The protagonist Ryuko Matoi is a transfer student who searches for her pussy naked hot killer, going against the iron-fisted student council president, Satsuki Kiryuinand then her mother's matoi empire. She immediately befriends Ryuko upon the latter's arrival at the school. Senketsu notes ryuko Mako is vital for getting Ryuko to relax. Initially, it absorbs a large amount of her blood and only allows her to act for a limited time, however, it is soon able to fully synchronize with Ryuko as she gets over her embarrassment of wearing such a skimpy outfit. Though Ryuko defeats Ragyo, Senketsu starts dissolving from having absorbed both their allies' Life Fiber clothing and Ragyo's as he cute his final moments to safely get Ryuko back to Earth. They wear Three-Star Goku Uniforms.