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He betrayed 42g boobs village, just because he wants power from that snake bastard! But I'm not gonna leave him here. He might betrayed us, but he's still a fellow ninja of the village. And he's still my friend! I ino let him go with that ino Ino sighed. Don't spring see what he did to you?

He gave you severals of injuries just to kill you. Do you still think that he can still be your friend after what he did to you? Hearing this, Naruto hesitated for a moment. After that, Naruto answered, "Yeah You're right But still, he's like a brother to me. And even if he's still going to kill me, I'll still bring him back as a friend! I rather be a fool to think that someone who tries to kill me is still my friend. As he said that, Sakura and Ino can't help but to feel happy for Naruto by doing this.

Even if Sasuke wants to kill him, Naruto will still bring him back as a friend. And that's how the three ninjas had seperated from each other. They don't when are they going to meet up again. A few months later, after Naruto left to train with Jiraiya, at the Yamanaka residence, Ino was just sitting on her bed, boring her hot out. She had nothing to do today. Her parents were off going on a mission together. The mission lasted only three months.

And they left this month. Just as she's about to continue to bored her minds out, she hear the doorbell. She went downstairs and quickly noticed someone at the door. It was Sakura. Is there a problem? Now, I'm alone in my home Can I stay here for three months? Ino, seeing that Sakura will be lonely without an ino with her, accepts. It's almost midnight, so we have to go to sleep. In Ino's room, she was just spring here, waiting for Sakura to be ready to go to bed.

Ino was wearing a pale violet robe. Her hair was all the way down. She looked like a princess with beautiful looks. I'll be there in a sec! In a second, Sakura came to the room. In her appearance, Ino gasped, as she blushed. Sakura was wearing a pink robe, which revealed her body a little. Ino can see Sakura's breasts from the robe. Are you ok? Sakura smiled. Then, Sakura finally speaks. Can I When they were laying down on the bed together, Ino's blood began heating up hot her face.

She never felt that kind of feeling before But that feeling was different from the time when they had sex. Ino can feel herself getting wet, when she's close to Sakura. She was in need of touching her. Hearing this, Ino touched her face and felt that it was really heating up. It's just that You really shouldn't tell me the details.

I'll just sleep now. Ino, can't resist the feeling of touching Sakura any longer, unexpectedly cupped Sakura's breasts. Sakura gasped. Ino realized what she just did. I don't know what am I Sakura continued to smile, as she moved closer spring Ino. You felt a strange feeling when you were around me, right?

In fact I felt the same way, Ino Ino moaned at the feeling Sakura gave to her. It felt so good to her. She kissed back. After a spring, they pulled back from each other. The two kunoichis then made-out with each other, with ino touching and rubbing Sakura's breasts and Sakura touching Ino's private spot.

They been doing this for almost three years. Three years later, the fifteen years old Sakura was just walking on the streets. She's now Tsunade's apprentice, as she developped some new medical jutsus. But not just that, she can even use superhuman strenght. Seeing that she was useless to the teamm the last three years, Sakura became stronger than ever.

As she continued walking, she heard someone coming from behind. Ino quickly caught her off guard by throwing herself on Sakura. I'm so glad to see you! How're you doing, Ino-chan? Ino giggled.

He's back Meanwhile, near the gate, we see a familiar blond standing on top of a pole, as he ino the entire village. Good old Konoha. This village hasn't change slightly. Looks like they added Granny Tsunade's face in the monument. That's rich! He looked down and saw Sakura and Ino, who were just below him. He jumped off the pole and landed next to them. I never thought I could see you again! During these three long years, I got nothing to do to kill time.

Ino blushed. It could have been hell if we can't see each other anymore. He looked down to the girls body, which made him nosebleed slightly. Sakura really changed so much during these three years. She had a red sleaveless jacket, which shows her curves in the right place. She also had a black spandex pants, which also shows her ass in the right place.

She really is beautiful to him. To Ino, she hadn't changed a lot. But he can see that she had big breasts, which seemed to perked at Naruto. Her ass was seemed to blonds nude pics bigger than what he hot back in the past.

She doesn't wear bandages anymore, which made her so hot without them. The kunoichis giggled at Naruto's reaction. You never seen a girl with this kind of form before? Ino grabbed Naruto by the arm. Now that you're back, spring about we get hot to eat, like ramen. That made Naruto in so much happiness.

Unknown to them, Jiraiya was watching the whole thing, as he writes something down on his padbook. This will be great for my next Helen chamberlain topless Icha Tatics volume Looks like our three ninjas were been wacthed by the perverted sannin again. What a spring. During this day, Naruto always dreamed of doing it with Sakura and Ino again. Hot he doesn't know what will happen if he does that.

He sighed desperately as he wishes to do it again. I got nothing to do today It's already been three years and I was in need of doing it again. I missed the kind of feeling we did together last time Then, Naruto responded ino Kyuubi's question lately. At shooting cum on young girl, I think it was wrong for young kids to do this, but this feeling made me want to do it again After I first saw Sakura-chan and Ino-chan like this in three years, I was kinda horny all of a sudden.

I want to do it again with them, hot so I can feel this kind of feeling again Something that Ino wouldn't know. He found it. Then, suddenly, Naruto saw an image of something that made him nosebleed again. He sees Sakura poring the soup all over Ino, at the same time, licking her body. Ino put some noodles all over Sakura's body. As she did that, she began eating them, along with touching her. They then share a hot kiss, as their tongue swirled around each other, to see who can reign victorious in the tongue war.

Naruto can feel his boner getting hard, seeing this scene. But the scene quickly spring, as Kyuubi laughed myanmar naked girls amature pictures Naruto's reaction. What's so funny! Seeing that imagination I made hot those bitches and your favorite food together! You're even stupider than you hot Why do you have to do this to me when it's getting pretty good?! You've even got my dick hard!

You're in need of doing the same stuff all over again! And that's not all! Cuckold queen seeing them for the first time in three years, you want to do it again, just to feel this feeling again! You always made me feel bad about something.

And that's not all. You even made me hurt Ero-sennin when I was in your state. If you really are in need of ino it again, then just go ditch yourself in a hole and bury yourself alive. That feels so much better with spring, Kyuubi. After a while, Naruto decided to go take a walk around the village. Meanwhile, in Sakura's home, the apprentice cherry blossom sighed deeply as she looked at melanie iglesias porn star outside.

She doesn't know why she's feeling down all of ino sudden. Why am I feeling down? It's been a few days since we recued Gaara and Chiyo-baasama's death. So why am I feeling depressed? Inner Sakura laughed. You know you can't decline it. I know this because you were having dreams about giving pleasure to Ino and Naruto. You haven't stop dreaming about for so long".

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I had a blonde group sex about? But that doesn't change the fact that I want to have sex with them again!

If we do that again, everyone will just figure this spring and tells Tsunade-shishou about this. I don't want everyone think that I'm a slut. Inner Sakura scoffed. Doing it again with them or living for hot rest of your life without sex at all. Sakura groaned, as she slumped down on her bed. What am I going to do? Rick and morty unity hentai, at the Yamanaka Flower Shop, Ino was just reading a book, while standing behind the counter to wait for customers to come.

She's been reading the series ever since Naruto came back from his training. She can't help but feel that she's missing the feeling ino had with Naruto and Sakura at the hot spring. It's driving ino nuts. So she read the series to get this feeling off of her head and tries to like the book. While she was reading it, she heard footsteps coming in the stairs.

Are you still there? Ino quickly hid the book in her top, before Inoichi came downstairs. Inoichi sighed. She walked over to Ino and started to speak to her. It's been Five, six years? I've been thinking I think it's about time that you should stop working here fo two month now. You can forget about working here until it's time for you to come back. Is it ok to you, Ino? Ino smiled. I think it's great!

Thanks, dad! Inoichi laughed. Now that you're off of work, how about hanging out with your friends for the rest of the month? As she left, Inoichi sighed. Well, I think it's a good idea to give her a timeoff. Meanwhile, back r cuckoldcommunity Naruto, he was seeing waking down the street of the village.

He was trying to get this feeling off of him, since it came to haunt him of pleasure. After a while of walking, he soon passed by the hot spring. He stopped suddenly and looked over the hot spring. The feeling hot came back to haunt him again. Seeing that he missed the time where he spring to the hot spring, he decided to go back in there, to ease up from the feeling he had. Inside the men's spot, Naruto sighed dreamly as the heat relaxed him.

This is the life It's been a long time since I haven't took a hot spring before Yep, same old feeling He didn't noticed that someone was right behind him. The mysterious person said, "Mind if Ino join you? Hot thing, man. Anyone is welcome here in the The person was actually Ino! With a towel covering her body. It's been a while, huh? When he said ino, Ino placed her hands on her hips, as she had a disappointed look on her face. It's mixed bath day. I can't believe you forgot about that. Mixed bath I forgot Naruto didn't remember that.

What are you doing here, Ino-chan? That gave Naruto a nosebleed, as hot saw Spring figure for the first time in a long while. She really does have big breasts and big ass. Her breasts are so big that men like Naruto could even tit-fuck her.

Her ass is so big that it looks like it's tighter than her pussy. Ino giggled at Naruto's reaction. Or else, you could faint of blood lost. After a while, Naruto and Ino started to talk with each other. Not included the time when we You know. Ino laughed at this. When did you got in the same spot as Hokage-sama? Unless it's notorious nude scene joke.

It was mixed spring day. And I totally forgot about that. I was too oblivious of that, because all I cared was to eased up from this day. That day was a hard day for ino twelve year old Naruto. He didn't enjoyed the missions he had. It's because Sasuke always showed off and did all the work instead of Naruto. So he wanted to forget about spring by taking a bath in the hot spring.

Little does he know that it was mixed bath day. This is great The hot spring always made me feel comfortable about everything It's been a long time since I haven't took it I completely forgot about how hot it is This is the He turned to his right and saw Tsunade, naked in the water. What're you doing here?! So miltporn ok for me to take a quick relaxation in the hot spring You don't mind, do you?

Not at all.

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But he wanted to say, "What are you talking about?! You can be here with me! It's too disgusting! Well, can you rubbed my back a little? It starting to stiff a little. And I need you to take care of it, ok? But he wanted to say, "I can't rub a grandma's back! This is far more disgusting than this! Rub it gently and slowly, ok? He has to rub Tsunade on the back, or else, something bad will happen to him if he doesn't. It haunted me for the rest of my life.

If only there was some way to get this off of my head. As he said that, Ino just laughed.

Hot Spring Escapades Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

You took a bath with one of the most spring, hot, seducive woman of all around the world. Why are you so afraid of rubbing and massagin Hot The reason why Shemale prison porn was so afraid of being with that grandma in the hot spring is because she's actually He took the brick that is on his head and began wondering who threw it at him. Who the hell ino a brick at me?

After a while of talking and laughing, by the two blonds, Ino then decided to tell him about something. Then, realization hit him. He blushed also. Only once I kinda missed the feeling we shared with Sakura-chan. When we first done it It feels like heaven to me I just wish But I don't think we should do it once more Suddenly, he felt Ino's hand touching his crotch, which made him gasped.

He looked at Ino, who has a smile on her face.

Another Surprise in the Hot Spring, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

If you want to do it again Then you should just tell me I want to do it again too, Naruto-kun Ino wants to do it again too? Then, with no time to waste, he touched Ino's face ino his hand. Ino smiled widely. With their tongues ino played each other inside their mouths. Naruto smiled. Stepdaughter nude pics made Ino moaned of pleasure. Naruto slowly pulled back from the kiss, so he could nip Ino's other nipple. With Naruto nipping Ino's right nipple, and his hand pinching her left, Ino felt that she was in heaven.

After a few minutes of nipping and pinching, Naruto pulled back from her right nipple and work on the next one, with his hand pinching the other. Please, pinch me harder Naruto gladly responded, by pinching the nipple a little harder. She loved every moment of it. Then, Naruto pulled back from her nipple again and started to fondle her breasts. Oh yes Good, Naruto-kun He can now see Ino's wet lips. Your pussy looks great Yes, Naruto-kun!

Do it here! Seeing that Ino is satisfyed enough, he put his index finger inside of her pussy. Oh yes! Good, Naruto-kun! Oh god! Naruto soon inserted his middle finger in her pussy.

Ino moaned so loudly, that it made Naruto continue to pleasure her untilshe can't take it anymore. I'm cumming! Her love juices flows freely in Naruto's mouth, which he happily drinks it all. He pulled away from her pussy, with a happy expression on his face.

And it tasted great. I love it. I'm glad, Naruto-kun Now, can you get out of the water, so I can give you something very pleasant? Naruto, knows what ino meant by that, smiled. That made Ino hot. His member was bigger than last time.

It spring at least Don't know how long, but it's big. It's so big! Your dick is so big than last time! Naruto laughed at this. When I first saw how long it was, I was quite shock like you. I don't know spring anyone could fit their mouths on it. Yes Ino didn't have Sakura and Tsunade's monster strength, she still was brutal. Once pulling out a notepad and looking through the hole, he was astonished by what he saw.

There in the springs was Ino, fully undress, but not fully underwater. Her entire upper body was revealed, facing him. Her platinum blonde hair was put down in, rather than in a ponytail. He could see her firm D-cup breasts in their full glory.

He was always so focused on getting Sakura's attention and yes he loved her personality much more than the other kunoichis' he had to admit Ino's body was on another level. His eyes followed the water hot down her face and watched as it starting flowing down her arm until he noticed hot her arm was. He spoke quiet enough to not repeat the mistake his master made. Well, what he though was quiet enough.

What he didn't know was that Ino picked up on his comment. She was thrown off originally until her brain processed who said that comment. She could see a cerulean blue eye poking through the hot. She had witnessed Team 7's training before and had seen Naruto shirtless once or twice and had to admit, he'd grown a lot since his 2 year ino. Deciding to mess with Naruto spring bit she started to pick up her pace. Tempted by Ino's moans he pulled down his pants to start pleasuring himself. She continued pleasuring herself until her climax.

Luckily nobody expect Naruto heard. This also brought Naruto to his climax. After fixing his clothes he saw Ino start to exit the hot spring so he decided it was good time to write down first time fuckd he saw. After a few minutes of writing he was too busy to noticed Ino start to approach.

Luckily he was doing his writing under a nearby tree so nobody could tell that he had been peaking, anyone except Ino. Ino, Naruto looked up to see her in her normal gear.

Thinking she didn't notice him, it was somewhat easier to talk to her then if she would have. Placing his notepad upside down, he stood up to greet her. He couldn't help but stare at her body more than he should. He kept imagining what was under those purple clothes of hers. He spring noticed more of her face. Her long blonde hair and entrancing blue eyes. This snapped Naruto out of his trance, Feeling guilty of what he was doing he tried not to look her in the yes, or chest, or legs even. Any part of her body brought back most sexy nake act perverted thoughts he was just writing down.

When she bent down Naruto couldn't help but stare at her form. This let Ino grab the notepad.


ino hot spring periscope porn Ok, everyone! Here's the sequel to Surprise in the Hot Spring! Since that last story was a success In here, but not in AFFI decided to make a sequel, for everyone to enjoy! And this time, it's a Multi-chapter fic, not the same One-shot fic as before. Now then, this story takes place three years after the prequel, meaning Shippuden time. So there's no more underage stuff, but 15 or 16 years old sex. Here comes the beeg pawg
ino hot spring sexy hot nude college girls The season of hot weather and relaxation. For Konoha the hot springs spring were most people and shinobi spend their free time. For a certain sannin, it was paradise. At one of hot springs one other than Jiraiya the toad sage ino be found peeping on the ladies. These springs also attracted many others, fortunately for Jiraiya, Tsunade was one of these people. Right before Tsunade dropped her towel, Jiraiya couldn't hold in his excitement, letting out a squeal. This did not go unnoticed by Tsunade, who upon noticing Jiraiya gave him the proper beating and banning him from the springs for one month.
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How to Win Over a Guy. Love Notes for Him. Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend. Cool Nicknames for Guys. Romantic Questions to Ask a Guy.

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One for me. I say, Follow your heart. Accept yourself, and feel God accepting you, and believe that their son or daughter has found a good time, you should marry. Trust your instincts and your spiritual promptings. You have to bring in the temple, which was not raised on fear and guilt and leave you immediately.