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This topic contains spoilers pokemon you can click, tap, or highlight to reveal them. Boards Pokemon Sword How come Pokemon is so popular when it comes to lewds? User Lewds SilverWingZeta. User Info: Tukhara. Tukhara posted They draw their characters hot What makes them hot? It's just a simple drawing of a human.

There's plenty of that on the internet yet those girls don't get nearly as much attention. User Info: ManagarmrOP.

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Joshsun posted ManagarmrOP posted People really scraped the bottom of the barrel with Cynthia. She doesn't reach crazy fetish bait level like Lusamine or Lillie If you're seeing me being a douche, that means I've rewatched 5cm per second again. She doesn't reach crazy fetish bait level like Lusamine or Lillie Hold up what? Sometimes, I just watch the boards burn. SilverWingZeta posted User Info: Joshsun. User Info: Woodchipper-kun. It's a very good question.

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Which is okay because it's not the focus of the games. Although they should not be lewded at all. The female character designs are very sterile, and in newer games aren't even allowed to have boobs for some reason.

And the only influx of lewds Mario ever saw was that one godawful meme that happened less than a year ago. Peach is certainly more well known than Misty or Lillie, but lewds has more Rule pokemon

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And Misty only beating out Lillie because of a 20 year head start. Because the lewd crowd likes them younger these days. Add in Nintendo going full blown waifu pandering with other franchises they own like Fire Emblem Although the female characters were prettier before they started making them pandery. Cynthia is bottom of the barrel? She has manface going on in Generations, and the only thing flatter than her chest is her personality.

So yeah. KinoTheFurry 7d.

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