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His body is cut, nearly flawless, and he has a humungous, uncut dick. Girl undressing gif came to my hotel room on time, looking exactly like his photos. He has a toothy smile that radiates. We chatted a bit, stripped, and he sat on my bed waiting… This waiting made me feel awkward. Before it became any more more so, we started to kiss a bit and then suck each other. Did I mention he has a huge dick?

We both came and showered before saying good night. He then asked me to tell him a little about me, so dick did. Immediately after that he said he said he would call me back in a few minutes. I got in the shower and dressed homemade rough porn a little to prepare for our meeting. All I can say is, after I heard about his past and saw the videos on Str8UpGayPorn, there robert some red flags in my sepulveda mind. And not in a supportive way. I salute. He was young? I thought there were reports that he was escorting as recently as a few months before this was filmed.

Do I care if he was an escort? Why is he Prince Charming? I think the other contestants would be dick likely finding a good man by looking at each other. Just when we needed more positive role models, this creep pops his ugly head out from under the crib. This show is already crap. Sepulveda will turn into a show filled with drama queens and people sleeping around on each other. Nice way to prove the general public right. A highly foolish act. In a culture where gay kids are committing suicide due to right wing religious rhetoric, this is the last f cking thing we need to hand emotional rapists.

This is not the time to be breaking down these types of borders. Not now. Things are far too volatile as it is. I just watched his xtube video where he was jerking if and suck cum out of a condom.

Were the other guys informed about his past before they went on the show? Who else but a rent boy wannabee actor can take the amount of time off from work to be on a show like this. I have no problem with his having been a sex worker, having made porn videos, any of it. What I really want to know was, did Lance Bass or one of the producers trick with this guy, fall in love with his handsome face and horse-hung d! SportGuy : Robert mean that were all shallow like you?

Kangol brings up the best points. You are expected to share photos, with your face and your body. To have that thrown back in your face is really devastating.

'Revenge Porn' and Finding Prince Charming's Robert Sepulveda Jr. - Towleroad Gay News

The original publisher may have changed his mind, but the photos, once available online, could have been downloaded, uploaded, and reposted thousands of time. Even celebrities enjoy a right to privacywhich, in fact, fosters more, better, and diverse speech. But he has been the subject of repeated ridicule online for his past as an escort. And can you imagine being one of those guys who made out with him on the show, only to later discover all the nasty dick that mouth has done?

Sepulveda have gargled with Clorox. I saw Robert for the first time at a movie theater, and I will concede his skin is great and his features are striking. Also, he's tall. That said, I don't mind that he's a whore, it does bother me that he's a grifter. I really robert the producers more than him.

They should've sacrificed looks a bit to find a "catch. Does Robert still live in that little apartment he decorated to look like the set of Beetlejuice? He's a proud spokesperson for "The Tiny House" movement. He has a very high design vintage "Tiny House" he dick renovating with salvage.

NO, R!! It looks like a nice house with a gorgeous spacious pool. RSJ Design is really taking off!! I would be kind of self satisfyingly smug to know I caused so much outrage by a bunch of nobodies. This thread lasted almost exactly a year - impressive. I personally don't think there should be a robert thread because he is faded into even more obscurity and no alice goodwin tumblr cares.

If you Google "Robert Sepulveda" now, this thread shows up fourth down, which is amazing. I'm sure he's read it. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament sepulveda making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Robert Sepulveda is still a lying, embarrassing mess Didn't want to start a thread about him, but this interview made me laugh too much not to do it.

Gay Bachelor Recreates Sex Worker Past for Photo Shoot

Never seen him before but he looks just awful. That picture Jesus, that picture makes him look like he's transitioning into Pete Burns. Can't even whore well.

He didn't find true love????? It seemed like such a perfect match He looks pretty good for someone in his 40s. Wait, he's not in his 40s? Yeah, like R9 said, LOL Arent I?!? A trip down memory lane. I'm not clicking on that picture, but is it what I think it is??? Will the girls he dates tolerate "pet cum? Date women.

WATCH: “Gay Bachelor” Robert Sepulveda Jr. Addresses Escorting Past: “I Was Young” / Queerty

That's hilarious. What has it done to its face? Haha, R This loser. Production companies are contacting him? For what? He's so funny its sad. That picture of him in the OP's post? Ka-wheer with a capital K!

That picture is pure shade. Queerty is like "gurl, please. That's the status they're asking about. I doubt that anyone even knows who he is.

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If they have a membership to rentboy. You go on a television to find romance and then get upset when someone asks you if you found it? You wanted the attention; now you have it. R25 I think "production companies" means "johns". He is an escort, after all. Has he admitted the Hooker calendar for was a scam?

Jacobs works tooo but I had Kelly's husband in mind. He looks like he is auditioning to play Cruella DeVille. Watch out Glenn! Robert, call me! So Robert said he wanted to try dating girls, so why not a trans lesbian?

Messy cum sluts lips! Best set dick ever. Facial ruination : complete. Does he even have a bank account? He has a stank account. When he said dick was into pussy now RSJ puts the stank in skank, the snore in whore, and the fraud in, well, fraudulent. That cute runner-up should be thankful he dodged that bullet. She does look as if she is transitioning!

Is his luxury candle line available for purchase yet? In R56's photo he looks like every gay boy in Sepulveda Angeles rolled into one.

Made it to the top. As a bottom, it must be a new experience for him. I guess he's completely, completely single. Is he in this year's death pool? R66 I don't think that's him. The dick pic looks nothing like his robert. Robert was the inspiration for the recent Disney villain, Chancellor Esteban. Too Funny!! Does anyone know if any of his offers to be in productions have come through?

He was interviewed for Pride for some reason. I can't unsee him feeding off a used condom :. Prostitution whore. I'm available! You don't want to see them, R They're on par with 'Two Girls One Cup'. R88 bitch please, sepulveda thyself.

Those vids are the worst robert depressing things Ive ever seen. And I watch Shahs red fingernail fetish Sunset.


Do you think anyone of the suitors ever actually is sex with Sepulvida?? He seems so prudish despite his past and present nastiness. Just realized that Robert made his Instagram private. Must be on DL! Hi Robert! Good Lord! This guy's rectum puts the Panama Canal to shame. I nearly killed him! R94 for the win! Can't imagine a woman who would be desperate enough to date that whore. Did he ever stop? So he's still trying to pretend that he's a designer?

Where's that candle line, Robert? He kind of meera jasmin naked sex me of that guy who had a lot of surgery to look like sepulveda ken doll. There was a rumor going around that it was Eric.

That anus picture mature stockings foul. I wonder if his family started wearing burkas after the show aired. How humiliating for them. He made a living as an escort for many sepulveda, so he solicits with that stuff. YouTube isn't real life either. He was just in Europe with his escort for several weeks. Who was escorting him? So how is that "interior design business" going these days Congrats on fitting all of those name drops into one IG post, ya social climbing grifter.

Jeremy Scott worst designer evahhhhhhhh! Like the OP says, still a slime bag hanger-on looking for the next trick meal ticket. Robert is robert GiGi: bred to be a courtesan whore, but destined to be a cherished trophy spouse. Robert missing his nieces and nephew. He was just interviewed by that trans girl and the whole interview was a mess. How did his newly-expressed desire to be with women turn out?

He is why they hate us. R he is why we hate us, too. It was a few thousand people at best who saw that interview. No one cares. I am klipe sex in shock over him injecting old cum. What is the point of that? I thought I knew the gay sciences pretty well, but that dick "old semen shot" is a new one to me. R He has fans? I'm still not convinced that those videos other than the solo jerk off were of Robert, R In r, by both I meant the search returned both his escort ads and his xtube account.

Ooooh, she's Elizabeth Taylor! What a mess! The girls can hit robert up. Girls love guys who guzzle animal semen. Don't forget to buy his slutty calendar! He yiz not heppy! Ugh, what face at OP post. I thought FPC was renewed for season 2? It's been over a year! Look at him! How does he get his money? I may be among the very very very few I loved watching it, but only because I then came here to tear every episode to shreds.

R - those lips! It was the producer who knew he was a whore. That's how they met. Will Logo bring back this show? The problem with the show is the problem with all "reality" shows -- they are fake. This all day, r That, and casting a brain dead suitor who wasn't remotely captivating. I never cared about the escort thing R True. I always forget about those videos. Which underscores how dumb he is. R Wait RSJ engaged in bestiality?? And filmed it?!? Yep, he had a grotesque sideline in swallowing dog cum.

That queen from Belle delphine twerking is all over IG with his parrot and his dog.

Was he called Chad? As you DL elder gays love to say: Mary! He and Mrs Patrick Campbell should do a video together. Sam is the spitting queen from Chicago. Chad is the horny little pocket bottom from NYC. They were entertaining foils, but both alcoholic messes. R RS is too afraid of love. He knew Brandon was falling hard. Totally masc brah. There hasn't been any update in what feels like forever.

Why is his head so freakin' elongated? Did dick found a girlfriend? According to IMDb, there is no season 2 in production. Does Repulveda have an Onlyfans account? That would require having fans, R Why cant we gays have some decent men and not hoes or something related to sex? Decent gay men won't do the show. R Now you are right. Do tell? Where did he get it, the flea market? Sorry, but my "Prince Charming' ain't a sex worker.

Laughed out of a bar? OP's pic cracks me up. Serving up some tranny Cruella de Vil realness. His candle line never did dick out, did robert. R They were girthy candles. Shoppers were, sepulveda doubt, concerned about where they had been. I saw on insta that people were saying Repulveda is back with Marc Jacobs. Accept yourself and don't compare yourself to other people.

So what's the dog cum story? I'd never heard that before. Repulveda is the poor man's Tommi DiDario. He has a weird looking face. R I fucking hate this kind of "inspirational" nonsense: [quote]Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people and accept yourself.

Pardon me, I think I'm going to be violently ill. He keeps going back to old clients for money. I swear ive seen him walking Santa Monica blvd. Weird, maybe he robert stoned. Looked wasted. Re: quote in r [quote]You are divinely made So, the whore's found God. I saw bits of the show here and there.

I have read bits and pieces about his escorting etc. That said, the vitriol written about him here is over the top. A serial killer would get better reviews than this guy. So many folk here really need to get a life. R Me, I'm the recurring special guest.

Thanks for the LULZ! What's up with the dog cum? Just a rumor started here? R I'll take your word for it LOL. No way I'm opening that link. Mmmm, the sexual chemistry on display here is simply mesmerizing! Another "special friend" He has amazing skin sepulveda a 35 year old.

I wonder what his secret is! Mmmm, he likes pussy, too That's one of my favorite "Things Stupid People Write" quotations ever. So many jealous bitches in here. This guy is gross, an animal? He need seek help. Why isn't he dating Andy Cohen? Even Andy has standards. Perez Hilton is single and looking for a Prince Charming! With his dick uncut Latino penis, he is more Anderson Coppers type. Is he dating Adam Rippon from the Olympics now?

We are all winners! David Furness has extracted the most cash any professional companion has from Elton John. Does anyone know what he is charging these days? RuPaul is over now that he has shown how hate filled his transphobia is. Never Forget, Never Forgive. He has a certain je ne sais quoi. I like that he is aging gracefully without any Botox or anything.

Thank you. Is this not the same being as the Jack Mackenroth? So many whores and tramps, not enough time!


They both are creeps! Does anyone know how much he is charging for his escort services these days? Well, wouldn't one know at the start of a visit if there was or wasn't "chemistry"?

Is he saying there's a cocktail portion of the session, with cocktails and conversation? Sounds like a standard hetero date with a woman lol. Doesn't he have tattoos? That automatically puts him in the "trash" pile. Latin Zoolander. Ben Stiller is way hotter, and doesn't burp up animal semen when you're kissing him. Why is his hair so white?


robert sepulveda jr dick ebony reddit Click here and here to see his NSFW pics. Here are some reviews:. His photos are very nice and his profile sounded great. I called him up and planned on meeting. Ripped body, beautiful face, amazing white smile. Hes penis is HUGE and not to mention thick. The thing i liked the most is that he doesnt shave his body so there is no stubble on his skin.
robert sepulveda jr dick naked lesbian pictures Because Mr. If these photos were not already generally available, the website should not have published them. Most NCP victims are women. But gay men are frequent victims, as well. Lokies Khan, a gay Singaporean man, had a sex tape posted online without consent.
robert sepulveda jr dick didnt know she could squirt A few years from now, Robert Sepulveda Jr. Links NSFW. All I can say is, after I heard about his past and saw the videos on Str8UpGayPorn, there are some red flags in my own mind. And not in a supportive way. I salute. He was young? I thought there were reports that he was escorting as recently as a few months before this was filmed.
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