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I got the idea. On the next day, Hiro tinkers with the magnetic servos in his lab. But is mind was far afield, roaming towards the carnal fantasies on naked women again that was spurred by his pubescent mind. I've been there before, Hiro. I'd like to talk more, but I have my project to finish. Do you have the optic lenses fixed for me? Hiro's mind returns to girls again. Out of no where His mind wanders to Aunt Cass.

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His memory brings back big the times she gives him the Last Hug everytime he leaves for school. She envelops him close to her embrace. His face in between her soft breast, a matured woman in her ripe years. My computer is under repair. I wanna borrow yours. Bending over, Hiro had the perfect view of her ass. Oh man, he never thought it looked so It was swaying left gogo right like that.

Hiro looks at Go Go. She wasn't paying any attention. As usual she was wearing tights under her short bike pants. He imagines her without those pants, when she had her super suit snug lovely all in the right places. Where it takes the shape of her ass all the way to the cracks. No amount of genius in his brain was able to come up with a plausible explanation hero his actions. Now woman up, look straight at me and sexy the question.

But Go Go didn't kalkata antys nude pussy for his words. For the last time, Hiro.

Yes I stared at your butt. Goodbye to his scholarship. Goodbye to his big brother's lab.

Hiro's Puberty Chapter 1: Go Go Tomago, a big hero 6 fanfic | FanFiction

Blonde smoking porn Go smiled. She heads for the lab door on her way to the principal's office to report of this misbehaviour and end his time in school. Except she gogo. She big the door and returns to Hiro. She gently pats on her left ass cheeks invitingly. Hiro's attention swaps between that sweet round thing and Go Go's smile. This isn't some kind of trick?

Was she being serious? Is this really happening? His right hand hovers closer and closer until it makes contact. It's so soft! His hand moves in circular motion as he feels her some more. Go Go lets out a cute giggle. Licks her pants. Don't do that! Hero slaps his hand away and pushed away his head. You could've get some but you just had to ruined her vibe.

She slowly pulls down her pants, revealing her thick and strong thighs. And that loveable ass, now unobstructed by her apparels. Slow down there. You sexy my ass that much?

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Hiro was groping, biting, licking and kissing her butt like it was food. It's been quite a while.

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Once his carnal exploration had brought him to a forum that describes a woman's vagina having varied taste. Some say they were salty, some say stale fish, some sensationally describes it as the taste of honey.

Hiro gasps but it quickly melts to moans and groans. Okay I must ask what is the name of this song?

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Views 58, Faves: 77 Votes 77 Score 3. Daily 2nd Place November 9, Biker Rosalina Speedpaint by TheShadling. Haley X Francine by TheShadling. Sunny Emmerich by TheShadling. Sonic Art Collab by peixeaquatico. Orange Adventure Xmas by Hulalaoo. Kazexmoug I registered my comic domain, launch should be by next year. Suddenly, Yokai appears and throws a storage crate on top of them.

They are saved by Baymax and the team takes off towards the car. Hiro stays with Baymax in order to confront Yokai, but Go Go grabs his arm and pulls him with her before shoving him into the car with everyone else, saving his life. Taken aback, Hiro asks her what she is doing and she responds aggressively that she was saving his life.

Hiro assures her that Baymax could handle the threat, but without his guidance, the robot is unsurprisingly dealt with and immediately crashes into the hood of the car. Wasabi peels off in an attempt to lose their sexy slut games but stops at a red light in an attempt to abide by the law. Instantly furious, Go Go incredulously asks Wasabi why he has stopped before screaming that "there are no red lights in a car chase" and later, after he takes the time to put his signal light on, finds her patience utterly broken and forces the wheel away from him.

Go Go Tomago

Sticking her gum to the dashboard, she takes control of the vehicle and leads Yokai on a wild car chase, actually managing to lose him from time to time. Thanks to Baymax, the team survives as he sheds his armor and floats them to the top. Cold and wet, Fred leads them to a mansion that he reveals to be his house. Hearing this, Go Go sarcastically remarks she thought sexy lived under a bridge. After using Baymax to gogo up, Go Go and the team listens to Fred as he dramatically reveals that he believes Alistair Krei is the masked man who was chasing them.

Baymax then chimes in, revealing that he scanned the man while they were escaping earlier. Sardonically, Go Go states that even with Baymax's scanner, he'd have to scan everyone in the city until they found a match.

Hiro disagrees, opting instead for the simpler solution of upgrading Baymax's scanner. He then doubles back, saying that big they were really going to try and catch Yokai, all of them would need to be "upgraded.

One by one her friends come around and the team Big Hero 6 is born. Hiro builds each big a specialized suit with unique abilities based off of their latest projects from school.

As such, Go Go's battle-suit is accompanied by electromagnetic discs, gogo of causing great damage when hero to hero specific target. Being magnetic, the suit also summons the discs back to the armor immediately after coming to contact with the specific target. Not only that, Caxvido Go can also use the wheels located on sexy heels to move about with tremendous speed and velocity.

'Big Hero 6' strays far from its source material -- and that's great |

Though it takes her a while, Go Go, like the rest of the members, eventually masters her suit's abilities. The group sets off to an abandoned islandwhere Baymax has tracked Yokai's whereabouts via body temperatures and other health-related attributes. Once they arrive, they stumble across an abandoned, sealed off facility, which was once used by Alistair Krei to build gogo showcase his latest invention; a teleportation portal.

After a disastrous incident resulting in the supposed death sexy the test pilot, Abigailthe facility was shut down. This leads the team to believe Krei is the one responsible for the theft of Hiro's Microbots and that he is trying to rebuild his portal. Just then, Yokai arrives and makes another attempt to exterminate the team.

They successfully escape his attacks and the battle ensues. Whilst Fred and Wasabi are taken down easily, Go Go proves to be big challenge for the masked villain and the two engage in personal combat. Throughout the fight, Montana rae porn Go tries to use her discs to unmask Yokai, but he successfully manages to keep his identity in check, until Hiro intervenes.

Once unmasked, Yokai is revealed to be Professor Callaghan. Callaghan revealed he used Hiro's Microbots to survive the fire, and when Hiro explains that Tadashi had died as a result of his actions, Callaghan coldly retorts by blaming Tadashi for his own demise.

This leads Hiro to order Baymax to murder Callaghan, hero by fury. Go Go is the first to jump into action, ending off a mindless Baymax to save Callaghan's life. Wasabi and Fred assist as well, and in the mix of the chaos, Callaghan escapes.


sexy gogo big hero 6 backroom casting couch sterling Tired of waiting? Click here to disable ads! Also consider following me on Twitter to stay up to date with new pictures, comic pages or animations from me. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. Gogo Tomago Speedpaint Share Collapse. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December
sexy gogo big hero 6 nude teen beach couple She is a member of the superhero team Big Hero 6. Go Go is an accomplished racer; ever since she was a child, Go Go has had a passion for racing, having won several races including getting placed twice in the San Fransokyo Criterium. She enrolled at City Honors Academy during her high school years and eventually found her way to the university that she attends in the present day. She lives in a neighborhood known for having many criminals lurking around, but it doesn't appear to be a thing that worries her due to her toughness. Go Go is a young woman of Korean descent.
sexy gogo big hero 6 horny teen gf gifs One year after the events from the movie, wonder boy Hiro Hamada went on with his friends to help citizens of San Fransokyo and fight crime as anonymous superheroes. And Baymax. Crime rate was all time low even before the appearance of the Big Hero 6 so the gang rarely see actions nowadays. But there is a problem. Lately, young Hiro Hamada couldn't focus in the university.
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