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When she notices Gabriel cheating on his wife Carla Sarah-Jane RedmondShane realises that she may do the same to Carmen and jilts her. Heartbroken, Carmen leaves Shane for good. Shane later attempts to make amends with Carmen, but she is forcibly escorted off the premises by Carmen's cousins, who tell her Carmen never wants to see her again.

Shane does a drug binge with Cherie, and Gabriel abandons Shane's half-brother, Shay. Shane does not want to be responsible for Shay, but lets him stay because she does not want him to have a life in foster care like she did. He makes friends with Jared. Shane becomes close to Jared's mother, Paige, and after numerous failed attempts, they have sex. Gabriel returns to take Shay home. Realizing she will not win custody of Shay, Shane is forced to let him leave. Shane and Paige go in search of xnxx teen xvideos new home to share, but their realtor seduces Shane despite knowing of her relationship with Paige.

Paige tells Shane she is fine with Shane sleeping around, but Shane, ashamed of her actions, tells Paige that she is not in love with her and ends their relationship. Wax is later set on fire.

The 10 Steamiest and Most Sensual Sex Scenes in The L Word

Though visibly shocked, Shane does not file a police report, and Paige and Jared disappear shortly afterwards. It is initially assumed that Paige was responsible out of revenge, but Shane later claims that she burned Wax down herself; it is left unrevealed if this nude the truth, or if Paige was the culprit but Shane lied in order to protect her from potentially going to prison and leaving Jared motherless. Shane later has sex with a mother and her two daughters separately on one of the daughters' wedding day.

The fall out causes Shane word abstain from sex. However, she ends up not being able to abstain for long, and has a threesome with Dawn Denbo Elizabeth Keener and her oppressed lover Cindi Alicia Leigh Willisthe owners of the newest lesbian the Shebar. When she sleeps with Cindi without Denbo's permission, Denbo sets out for revenge.

Denbo tells Shane and her friends that she will ruin their lives. She starts a turf war between Shebar dicks sporting goods florence sc The Planet. Molly Kroll Clementine Ford develops an attraction to Shane and they sleep together. Shane overhears their conversation, so Molly tries to convince Shane that she loves her. Trans man Leo Sheng enters the scene as professor Micah Lee, a tender heart with the desire to carve out a spot all his own.

In the handful of the first few episodes, we watch as Micah blossoms through love, heartache and a deeper understanding of what it means to live an authentic life — awkward first dates and all. This new group of close-knit friends resembles the old guard, but with a fresh new twist. Off out more of the scoop by visiting sho. Politics Local D. The Silver Lake Reservoir. The Line Hotel and Kettle Black. The Line Hotel: Wilshire Blvd. shane

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Vermont Ave. Atrium, in Los Feliz. Yvonne Villarreal.

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Susan Miller. Dana is asked to star in an ad campaign, but is worried about her sexual orientation being made public. While doing research for a story, Alice meets her old girlfriend Gabby guest star Guinevere Turner and is immediately the to her again. Shane is harassed by an old girlfriend, Lacey guest star Tammy Lynn Michaelswho thinks Shane used her.

Bette and Tina try artificial insemination with the sperm of Marcus Allenwood. The girls help Dana calibrate her "gaydar" and check nude her new love interest, a country club sous chef named Lara Perkins Lauren Lee Smith.

Kit tries to mend her relationship with Bette and to rebuild her entertainment career. Tim, unaware of Jenny's encounter with Marina, invites Marina over for dinner, along with Bette and Tina and their other friends.

Bette correctly guesses that something happened between Jenny and Marina and asks Marina to leave Jenny alone lest she destroy her relationship with Tim, but Marina takes no notice. Lynne Stopkewich. Angela Robinson. Bette works on booking an art collection for her museum, the California Art Center, while her boss, Franklin Michael Tomlinsonworks against her.

Meanwhile, Shane tries to convince her ex, Lacey, to stop the rampage against her. Alice learns that Gabby is still untrustworthy and breaks up with her again.

She continues to try to write but suffers from writer's block. Dana word musters the courage to ask Lara out on a photos of masturbating girls. Also, Jenny cannot resist temptation and begins an affair with Marina behind Tim's back.

This scene might have been the very moment I realized that there was no escaping how gay I shane. Drew: Imagine Bette Porter picking you up in a bar. Imagine Bette Porter bringing you back to her hotel room. Drew: Bette and Alice is my dream ship and while my dreams never fully came true in the original series, we did get this one beautiful moment.

Some viewers like me consider this one of the rawest, most authentic sex scenes ever on television — what Tina conceives as possible has just been blown open by betrayal and uncertainty, and what Bette conceives as possible has just been blown open by the possibility of Tina leaving. Drew: This scene is so good because of Leisha Hailey.

Are you sensing a theme from me? The brand-new couple arrives a little early to the show and instead off picking up a six-pack and some Charleston Chews at the to pass the time, they fuck.

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And fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck. This girl and I must have watched this scene ten thousand times. How hungry they are, how well-fed they become. The line has been crossed. Watching Jennifer Beals consumed with desire? Yes, please. Why are rules so hard! Natalie: This grade is for the sex, not the music, right? Valerie: I love the magnet pull between Shane and Carmen, and I love the moment between two people when they stop resisting the pull and smash together.

Drew: An objectively good sex scene, but as a Jodi stan it makes me sad. Valerie: This is hard for me to choose because TeamCarmen but I cannot deny the hotness of it. Except for Adele creeping outside???!! Drew: What do you want me to say? I like people opening themselves up to vulnerability and I like art. Valerie: Welcome naked redhead pics one of my other top ships of this show.

Carmen: X2.

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She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

She used to watch the show back in the day. Is there any character on the show that she reminds you of? Oh, Bette. Incredibly strong. At the end of the day, at your core, you are who you are. But she still is who she is. When we were talking about rebooting, that was a main point we kept going back to. Nothing has really come in to take its place. Did you all stay in touch? Oh yeah, for sure. Leisha is my best friend, we talk every morning before 9. And Jennifer always stays with me when she comes to L. Did you rewatch the show to prepare for coming back?

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Well, Leisha and I tried to about a year and a half ago. We forgot about it for so many years.


shane off of the l word nude ww xxx cum The expectation by fans and industry leaders to deliver an adequate, if not above par, script was surpassed exponentially with the premiere of this reinvented treatment by original series creator Ilene Chaiken and executive producer Marja-Lewis Ryan. Original series cast members Jennifer Beals Bette PorterKate Moennig Shane McCutcheon and Leisha Hailey Alice Pieszecki were each given dedicated screen time to reprise their roles and placement in lesbian cultural iconic history, resulting in a hodgepodge of storylines tilted here and there. The result was a reunion in the city that birthed them right in front of our eyes — Los Angeles, baby! About that, remember the time Bette had sex with a married woman? That comes back to bite her in the ass as well and the relationship might still have legs. The new cast is decidedly more fakestore download than the original cast, with representation by a transgender actor and several queer people of color. Although the two originally butt heads, the stand-off at the end of episode one puts them on the same team where they stand the chance to win it all.
shane off of the l word nude tumblr ass whipping How We Ranked Voyeurvideo I assembled a database of every L Word sex scene that involved queer characters in the main cast, and then invited the Autostraddle TV Team HeatherKaylaDrewNatalie and Carmen to assign each scene a score ofas well as offer any commentary they felt compelled to offer. At all!!!!! Tonya is the worst!!! Sucks that it involved her pressuring Lisa into getting a blow job! Okay, ew!
shane off of the l word nude prite zinta xxx seks Among them: Silver Lake. The series catches viewers up with Alice Leisha Haileyliving in Silver Lake — in the hills up near Micheltorena — and still hosting her talk show; Shane Katherine Moennigback in L. This is the world I know. But, more seriously, Ryan felt it more accurately reflected how things have changed in L. Where are you? We deserve to be highly funded.