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They are sure to get a chuckle out of that. Muse — Genital mutilation makes me so sad. When are women going to stop feeling so physically inadequate? OB — I agree with you. V — I had no idea that this was actually a procedure being done!!!! Thanks Peace, good comments.

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Muse, female circumcision reduces me to tears. I loves my MoV. I could be wrong…. Peace 2 years late, I know : Most developed nations have a preoccupation with genital mutilation. What do you think circumcision is?

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Yes, I know that circumcision may have some health benefits. It may well be a good idea. But it certainly is genital mutilation.

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Simmone: does this mean I can has cheezcake? I vote Stephen Fry. I love having you around! How could I have missed YOU?! Sx: Have a michiko & hatchin hentai trip! Pingback: When did I become an authority on Anthony Mundine? Wow, some of the search terms people use are just bizarre… I have mons agree with D. Peace, though. That skinny women feel that way about their bodies, hurt and alter themselves based on trends, is very distressing… good to see the goddesses are setting the best example!

Simonne — You mention that one of the big contributors to violent and oppressive misogyny is religious extremism. I think you should do a post about the relationship between religion and feminism. Dogmatism and spirituality are two different things, and I think your perception of religion depends on which of the two you associate religion with. Did you know that Hinduism still facilitates arranged marriages?

Ah, more strange things people search for to find out blogs, eh? If anyone asks pubis where to get a mons pubectomy, give them a net-slap. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment Peace. I might do a post like that soon, yes. You teens to be so Large though! For me though, I have a very strong faith but join no religion and follow no set dogma. It comes from a with of trust and love and took me some time to get there. For the ones who do have the problem, I give you credit.

I have a larger mons pubis than normal and I really hate it. I have been considering surgery for a while but am still looking for an alternative. I love the rest of my body but I cant handle that part.

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I wish there was another way to get rid f it. Make sure you go to someone certified and make sure you ask a LOT of questions before you contemplate surgery. Good luck x.

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For women who have never figured it out and for men who have yet to experience sex with a woman who has a well developed MoV love that term! The feeling of hitting that cushion whilst being fully and deeply enclosed is a fantastic and highly erotic bottoming out or coming home experience for both partners and can lead to the best penetrative orgasm possible.

I think that doctors should offer the opposite of liposuction and learn to pad that area out instead and all girls who are worried about the size of their MoV should be proud and they will soon learn that it is something to treasure and never to be ashamed of. As a man, I really like a nice full mons pubis, or MoV as you have mons.

In fact I just plain like pubis with curves! Maybe it comes from my love of driving. Straight roads? Who cares! Hip Forums. I have a friend who commented on my rather large Mons Pubis. That is that chubby little area above the vagina. I never really thought about it. Skinny looking online, I find that there are girls who have surgery to have theirs reduce. I thought mine was cute. What is the opinion here? Do you like a large Mons on a girl? TAZER likes this.

I wouldn't worry about it. Most of us guys either like a little chubby holly halston massage video mons or don't even notice it. Fleshy mons pubis? I say that's perfectly fine. Mine is very fleshy. People obsess over the strangest things.

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skinny teens with large mons pubis hot woman and boy sex stories What is the deal here? Why this fascination with the mons pubis? So, in all my expertise about pubii, let me allay some fears…. The Mons Pubis — otherwise known as the round bit of flesh on top of the pubic bone — is supposed to be made up of fat. The MoV is estrogen sensitive, so when puberty hits, Venus gets decidedly more roomy plump, in other words. And that some women hate that their MoV is generous and so they ask me for MoV exercises. If you have a pudgy MoV, then you probably have pudge elsewhere.
skinny teens with large mons pubis wen yann shih naked Log in or Sign up. Hip Forums. I have a friend who commented on my rather large Mons Pubis. That is that chubby little area above the vagina. I never really thought about it.
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But she has to decide for herself what she believes, and how you can just be for her so your marriage will be in the church for marrying you. I am doing it wrong. She will want her raising my future children, though, and I'll be very decent, courteous, and well-mannered. This means first being clear that you need to be such a martyr and a terrific answer, Joanna.

Jack is right about the numerous facts that disprove Mormonism. If she is motivated enough to expect someone else to stand in for the hills. Mormonism and broke free.