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So enjoy it while you can, because starting December 17, you're just going to have to find your human genitals and female-presenting nipples somewhere else. Sign In.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Related Stories. Watch men fall to their knees in submission and then some. There's no one and I mean not one person who doesn't love boobs — they're an all around fun read: pleasurable body part.

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Follow Us. Sign in. The Flickr data is less interesting to look at, mostly because it's lame. The vast majority of users—82 percent—were not exposed to porn accounts at all. We can only speculate about why this is, but the researchers note that self-reported demographic data suggests the user base of Tumblr is largely young and female, while Flickr skews older and male.

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It may have something to do with an established culture of fun-loving deviance on Tumblr. While Flickr has a history of banning public porn posts and portn NSFW material going back more than a decadeTumblr was a bit of a free-for-all until it launched in when it was portn by Yahoo and became more serious about NSFW content filtering. Here are five awesome, adult-themed Tumblr blogs that put PornHub to shame. Queens-based artist and illustrator Katie Skelly creates a variety of tumblr SFW comics, but her NSFW series "Agent 8" and "Agent 9" are both steamy, space age explorations of intergalactic sensuality.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to get off to comic erotica. Why is this so broadly dangerous? Professional, commercial, and even the tumblr interactions that literally determine life itself are mediated through these privately controlled communications networks.

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Read: The environmental cost of internet porn. What expressions of gender are acceptable or unacceptable? These are profound and debatable questions. Some LGBTQ Tumblr users have reported that content as queerly innocent in nature as a line drawing of two boys hugging is already being flagged.


tumblr portn amateur nude waterville maine babes With the rise of deepfakesvirtual reality porn that can resurrect dead loved ones could be some problems there! But in what portn be the biggest blow of all, Tumblr announced Monday that starting December 17, all "adult content" would be banned from the site. In its updated " adult content " section, the company warns that material including portn, videos, or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples, and any content—including photos, videos, GIFs and illustrations—that depicts sex acts" will be banned. To them, it's all porn. It may come as a surprising turn for some, as Tumblr has emerged as tumblr most explicit of mainstream social media platforms because of its lax guidelines on what can be posted. But those same guidelines have landed Tumblr in hot tumblr as of lately, namely for its inability to ensure that all adult content was free of child pornography. When that issue came to light, the app was temporarily unavailable in the App Store.
tumblr portn bbw wife creampie However, with each day women portn dominating more and more. Obviously, this means we also want to see ourselves in the porn we watch — and that can be hard to do with sites like Pornhub. Tumblr, Pornhub has a "porn for women" section, but it feels like even that's just not enough. Who's even deciding which porn women will actually like? Plus, lesbian erotica seems to focus on the aspects of sex that many women care about, like foreplay and mutual pleasure. In a nutshell, porn just doesn't generally cater to women, despite the great fight for equality in every area of life hmph!
tumblr portn school by force fucked Latest Issue. Past Issues. Tumblr may be home to personal blogs, community forums, and foodie photo collections, but pornography portn up a huge part of its reputation. You can see why rather than pay for the expensive work of patrolling the age of people in porn, the company would simply want to overcorrect. The site is—was—a haven for people who might not be able to connect sexually in other tumblr.
tumblr portn nepali sex video watch Screengrab: Imperfect Nudes. It's sort of a comfort that despite most of the internet being colonized portn anodyne corporate platforms, people are still incredibly horny online. Of course, we all know this. The internet is "for porn," after all, tumblr gloriously porny subcultures thrive on platforms like Tumblr and Twitter. But the scientific question is: how horny are we, exactly? Researchers from two universities in Italy and Bell Labs decided to take a crack at answering this hugely important question by looking at data from Tumblr and Flickr, both Yahoo properties.
tumblr portn keira verga While the majority of men may hit up PornHub, PornTube, RedTube, or Portn for free adult entertainment online, more and more young women portn actually finding porn on Tumblr to pleasure themselves. According to an article in The Guardianone tumblr 10 blogs on the site fall into the "adult" category, and the unique combination of sexy GIFs, thoughtful text, and artful imagery makes Tumblr way more lady-friendly than your usual guy-centric bastion of smut. Plus, there are plenty of blogs curated by women for women, which makes it a hot haven for feminist-friendly porn and erotic content. Another reason Tumblr porn is so great is the sheer variety of sexy media at your fingertips that anyone can upload. In fact, being a Tumblr porn star desi home tube requires having some sexy video, audio, GIFs, photos, text, or any combination thereof to share — and whole lot of reblogs, of course. While you could spend hours searching for tumblr sites that fit your fetishes, to start, you might want to peruse a few of these quality Tumblr porn sites. Here are five awesome, adult-themed Tumblr blogs that put PornHub to shame.
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