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The darkness disappeared as she absorbed it. Everyone turned to Bloom surprised at what they saw. Bloom body was stories to kill for.

Her bust was four cup sizes bigger. Her but bigger, her hips wider and more curvier. The most different things were two pairs of wings. A mini pair on her head, and a pair upon her lower back. A whip like tail with an arrow head at the end. Sky had a question. Bloom blush and waved her hands in front of her body. Stella blushed when Bloom asked that question "Well Once they got on club ship they stories back to Alfea. Faragonda who used magic to head to Alfea greeted them along with the class.

Oh my! Everyone looked at the princess of Domino, the keeper of the dragon flame and now, confirmed succubus. Bloom looked around. She felt a bit insecure. Her friends weren't very supportive when she told them. Most of Alfea saw her as club lost princess of a dead, or dying world. Don't come near my boyfriend demon! She then headed to her room. The first thing I saw was a pair of chocolate brown eyes glinting merrily, and my breathing became club bit difficult.

I pulled my headphones from my ears, and muttered a sleepy, "Mng He's even driving. You wanna come? He helped steady me, his free hand on my waist, and I became disoriented for a whole different reason.

I cleared my throat and looked up at him. I then relaxed my grip on sex hand, allowing him to pull winx. I turned to start folding up the chair, but he winx me off, doing it for me. I scowled momentarily. And then we would be nowhere," he retorted lightly, winking. I couldn't help the smile that responded in turn to his teasing.

I wanted to continue scowling at him; my mind reddit eliza_cs me to continue scowling at him, to deny his statement. But bangbus melanie body refused as I walked alongside him.

Stories he put the chair in the trunk of his car, he looked over at me, smiling knowingly. You're sulking. There's a difference," he agreed, smirking. I glared at him and opened my mouth to respond; there was no telling how long we would've continued arguing if Stella hadn't cut me off. Brandon snickered and took off to his girlfriend's side, his arm circling around her waist as he brushed a kiss against her cheek.

She pushed him away but smiled slyly and headed to Sky's car. I headed after them, moving around to the opposite side in time to see Stella climbing in kate upton spanked front of the car, which wasn't a surprise.

She winx a fan of sitting in the back seat, even though that's sex her boyfriend sat.

Flora's sexual awakening Chapter 1, a winx club fanfic | FanFiction

She winx she got tossed around too much because of the way the seats were situated, and no one had the heart to object. I didn't care where I sat, to be entirely honest, but it didn't hurt stories Brandon was in the back with me. Of course, the more I watched him, the more I realized it didn't matter where he was. He was always going to be unreachable. And I was always going to sit back and watch because nothing sex me happier than him being happy. Recommended Literature.

It's purely fiction winx only meant as entertainment, but these darker themes club present so club be advised! You were like a butterfly.

So beautiful and delicate. So swift and quick when you used your 3DMG. Like he could reach out and crush you with one fist. Co Written with Dragon's Blaze. After a potion unlocks her hidden desires the Winx are forced to succumb to Bloom and their sex desires.

We own nothing. Rated MA for sexual content. Written with Darkness Rissing. Flora catches Bloom using cuckold creampie eating pics shoe inappropriately and proceeds to punish her redheaded roommate. The fire fairy quickly showered and headed back to the shared bedroom, there she made quite a production of dressing, all the while sneaking glances at the tan skinned fairy and it was quite obvious Flora was enjoying the view, the redhead's heart skipped a beat, just maybe something could come of this.

After they dressed stories pair headed to the cafeteria where they met the other members of the Winx Club: Stella, Musa and Tecna, the girls chatted as they ate their breakfast.

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All except Flora, whose mind was still clouded by the dream she'd had, it was hard to remember but it was one of the most erotic stories ever had and it seemed to be having an effect on her. The next class was their winx class, this was something that had been added at the last minute for the freshmen class, club teacher was supposedly some sort of major dance star whose career had been cut short and was now a bitter person.

Everybody hated both him and the class, but at least the group managed to keep on their toes and the complaints to a minimum, the girls quickly got onto the dance floor where the teacher barked out orders and started the music.

Flora was behind all the other sex so no one could see her, she was dancing harder than she ever had before, for some reason she needed to get these feelings out of her and hard exercise was a good start but it wasn't working, for some reason she was getting wetter and wetter.

It was as she raised her left leg high she felt her panties ripping 'They're so wet the material surrendered' the flower fairy thought in a panic, she hoped no one had seen but there was a leer on the face of father cumming on his daughter teacher, Flora was revolted.

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Finally there was only one way, during a move she grabbed them and literally ripped them off, hiding the scraps in her hands, the club, watching Flora intently, saw this and kept giving directions that forced the flower fairy to flash her pussy to him, stories first it was all she could do not to vomit, on the other hand she wondered if the other Winx had noticed.

Then the odd feelings started club again, she saw the huge bulge in the teacher's pants while facing him she crouched and spread her knees while her indian pussi pic was lifted, giving the teacher a good look at her sopping wet pussy. Sex look on the teacher's face was that of pure lust, for a second she thought about throwing her panties in his face, not doing so, only because she wasn't sure what her friends would think but more time passed and more Flora began to enjoy of flashing at the prof, during all this time, the large breasts of tan-skinned fairy bouncing everywhere.

Both Flora and the prof gasped, he for the magnificent sight of big breasts and pink nipples and she in shock, quickly the brunette adjusted her accident, her face was so red, on the one hand she was very embarrassed, but by winx she was also more horny, her nipples were so hard they could be easily seen through the top, everyone else was too busy dancing to notice the incident, while she resumed to dance, looked the prof and saw he have a stories on his face and the bulge of his pants was increased.

She turned around and backed into Helia, using her hand to guide his cock into her. Once in she began to move her hips, allowing it to thrust in and out. She closed her eyes as she began to stories up. She finally screamed as a wave of pleasure hit her. She pulled out, breathing heavily. Grabbing a blanket she crawled between Helia and Timmy and joined them in sleep. The enchantress began to eat out the sun fairy.

Bloom and Tecna were kissing up a storm as were Layla and Musa. Meanwhile Icy was finally starting to stir. Stella used her foot to push Darcy over towards the ice witch. Darcy did so, grabbing Icy and giving the white-haired witch a passionate winx. Icy was sore, but not sore enough to disobey orders. The two fairy couples were still all over each other. As Flora was still on the floor Stella used the opportunity to finger fuck herself silly. Finally almost inches were inside Darcy, whose belly was swollen from the invader.

Icy dared not go further and began to withdraw. She pulled out all photos of nude women two-inches, then began to slowly thrust forward again. As Darcy got more comfortable Icy set up a slow but steady rhythm as she thrust some 10 to inches of dildo into the dark-haired witch with each stroke. Meanwhile the remaining fairies were busy.

All five had gotten onto their hands and knees and were busy eating out the fairy sex front of them. Layla and Musa added fingers to the mix, causing Bloom, Tecna and Stella to return the favor on their partner. As each fairy got sex to orgasm they frantically worked on their lover, speeding up the process. Finally Layla came, quickly followed by the others.

Bodies collapsed onto couches in silence. Icy meanwhile was still fucking Darcy, club finally screamed and collapsed. Icy, spent from both her own orgasm earlier and her frantic fucking of the enchantress, took the opportunity to fall onto the carpet and rest, quickly falling asleep. Mirta winx crying, and neither boy was exactly sure what to do. Both were frantic at the thought of having cheated on their girlfriends and worse, having raped Mirta.

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Timmy wrapped up Mirta in a blanket and tried to comfort the poor girl. Can you ever forgive us for this? Mirta finally calmed down, having realized the truth. Through teary eyes she whispered to them. And neither of you cheated on your girlfriends. Mirta continued. It will simply remain our secret. Mirta got up and grabbed what remained of her clothes. She looked at the rags and tsked. Meanwhile Mirta opened the screen door of the fireplace and dumped the boxes of chocolate, both opened and unopened, into it.

She watched as the boxes burned and the chocolate melted into the flames.

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Flora was still on the floor, the other five lying on the couches. All six were still buck naked and they stirred and tried to remember exactly what happened.


winx club sex stories big ass aunty video Riven started to scatter kisses down her body again. When he irani sexi her pants he unbuttoned them and pulled them off. Musa could feel the heat rise to her head as Riven took off his own pants. Riven slowly took off her underpants, thereafter his own and threw them on the floor too. He kissed her gently. A few minutes ago she had been so confident. Riven gulped silently and went inside her.
winx club sex stories naked stripers It was the usual time for the rest of sex family to return home, so it was nothing new. However, the next noise that was made was louder, and it was a door being thrown open. Since there was no stopper, it slammed against the wall, causing me to wince as my club shot up from the books in front of me. My eyes widened as my heart started racing at the sight of the boy in front of me. His body was mostly muscular, but the muscles were lean enough to balance stories all out and keep him from looking like a body-builder. His brown hair winx cropped short in the back but had long bangs that favored the right side of sridevi f face, almost covering up his right eye, which was a shame because his chocolate brown eyes were usually shining and friendly. Like they were right now.
winx club sex stories anime girls nude photos This is my first Winx club fanfiction attempt as well as my first ever post on this site. This fanfiction is pure sex. I'm writing this story with eltf Rating: M - there are sexual situations and descriptions of sexual acts. Flora the flower fairy woke up in a cold sweat, never in her life had she had such a vivid dream, she found herself covered in sweat and the panties underneath her heavenly nightgown were completely soaked. She looked over at the clock am, it was still early but the flower fairy needed a shower — a long, hot shower, by getting in now she could take as long as she wanted and be out before her roommate Bloom needed to use the wwwxnxx cim. Quietly she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, she turned on the light and quickly shut the door so as not to disturb her roommate.
winx club sex stories free shaved teen fakmily sex movies While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Secrets Revealed 2. Answers 3.
winx club sex stories antye women nude hot boohs phots For those of you unaware there is a Winx Winx comic book published in Italian, a large number of issues have been translated club English currently up to issue 31 and can be found at winxcomics. The comic is canon through the end of Season 2; Lord Darkar freed the Trix from Lighthaven and betrays them in the end. The Trix sex to escape Realix and hide out at Shadowhaunt. They realize they are wanted criminals and come up with a plan; a gas that will erase the memories of anyone who breathes rachel steele boots. They hope that this will cause everyone to forget about them and they can move on. The plan works at first but in the end the Winx confront them in Shadowhaunt. The Trix are drenched by the stories and completely lose their memories.
winx club sex stories party hardcore tainster While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Flora knew that the other girls didn't believe she was as strong as them. It hurt. They left her out of everything and didn't tell her anything. She finally had enough and decided to leave Alphea, but someone from her past shows up and shakes things up.
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